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Utility Account Transfer Application

  1. Please Note:

    Deposits can be transferred from one home within the city to another within the city as long as the previous and new homes are connected and disconnected within 30 days of one another. There is a $15.00 service fee to transfer service which will be billed to the resident. After completing application the resident must provide a driver's license to the Utility Billing department in order to establish new service.

  2. The federal Red Flag Rule was passed on November 1, 2008. The law states that customer service is only allowed to speak with people listed on the account and only after verifying requested information.

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  12. I understand that the City will begin water service by making a physical connection located at the meter outside the building or buildings to be served. I understand that the City will not have access to any building served and will not determine if there are any open faucets or water system leaks inside the building. I understand that I am responsible for services provided by the City as charged on my monthly bill. I understand that I am responsible for late fees, reconnect fees, and any charges incurred in accordance with City Ordinance(s). I understand and agree to abide by the service agreement provided by the utility billing

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