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Volunteer Form


    Citizens interested in being considered for appointment to a City Board, Commission or Committee may utilize this form or download the form as well as the associated duties and responsibilities from the City website at, Departments, City Secretary, Volunteer forms. All those wishing to serve must be registered to vote in Corinth as well as have completed the six month residency requirement. All information provided to the City is subject to the Open Records Act / Texas Public Information Act.

  2. Applicant’s name will be placed on the agenda for consideration, so forms must be submitted by the Friday prior to the next regularly scheduled council meeting in order to be considered for appointment. Please sign and return this form to City Hall in a sealed envelope ATTN: Kim Pence

  3. Have you ever attended a public meeting of the City?*

  4. On which of the following Boards, Commissions, or Committees do you have an interest in serving? If you have areas of multiple interests, please rate your preference for appointment consideration. All Committee appointments are at the discretion of the City Council.

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    As a registered voter in the City of Corinth, I am interested in being considered for appointment to City Boards, Commissions or Committees when a vacancy occurs.

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