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Posted on: October 22, 2018



Each year, residential monthly water consumption is measured and averaged to establish the monthly sewer charge for each customer for the upcoming year. The sewer averaging process consists of usage during the months of November, December, January, and February. By conserving water during this period you can control your monthly sewer charge.

Why sewer averaging is done during the winter months:

Traditionally, the four lowest water consumption months for residential customers are during the winter months. The primary reason for this is that residential customers typically do not water their lawns during the winter months, so the majority of the water used during this time is entering the sanitary sewer.

The process of sewer averaging:

The winter month with the highest consumption is discarded and the remaining three months’ consumption are averaged together to reflect the resident’s average consumption. Each resident’s sewer charge is based on their own average consumption that is determined during Sewer Averaging. The bills that are due in April will reflect the new sewer charge which will be in effect for the next twelve months.

You have control:

Since residential sewer charges are based on each individual resident’s consumption, you have the ability to lower your sewer charge by not watering the lawn and/or filling a pool during the winter months. Keeping water usage as low as possible during the winter months will pay off for the next twelve months.

Please contact Utility Billing at 940-498-3202 with questions regarding sewer averaging.

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