Community Ambassador Program

Ambassador Application

The City of Corinth values transparency and community engagement with its residents. To achieve goals around these values, Communications Ambassadors are used to share information about City of Corinth initiatives through a grassroots, word-of-mouth strategy. This group does not make any policy decisions, however Ambassadors will make communication suggestions to staff based on feedback from residents.

Overview of Program

  • Total number of Communications Ambassadors: 12 maximum
  • Positions are voluntary
  • Terms last two years and Ambassadors can serve up to four terms
  • Ambassadors must have lived in Corinth city limits for at least one year
  • Candidate Ambassadors must complete an application to be considered. The City Manager and Director of Finance, Communication & Strategic Services will select candidates based on those applications.  Interviews may be held if needed.
  • Director of Finance, Communication & Strategic Services will oversee the program

Ambassador Expectations & Responsibilities

As part of the program, Communications Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Attend bi-monthly Communication Workshops in City Hall to review communication topics and tactics – exact times and dates of meetings are to be determined
  • Ambassadors may miss no more than two workshops per year
  • Follow the City social media accounts and re-share important topics on their personal social media accounts and neighborhood groups
  • Read emails from City staff outlining communication topics and updates on important projects
  • Share City information with fellow residents in a factual and non-biased way
  • Encourage fellow residents to participate in City public engagement initiatives
  • Report back to City staff on common questions, topics or projects that other residents want more information about
  • Be a liaison of the Ambassador’s HOA with sharing City information (when applicable)

About the Monthly Communication Workshops

  • Communication Workshops will be held every other month in City Hall – exact times and dates of meetings are to be determined
  • The goal of the workshops is to review communication topics, project updates and communication tactics for the Ambassadors
  • Each workshop will focus on a specific department to give an overview on what the department does and the important projects residents should know about
  • Workshops are open to the public, however no public comment will be available during the workshops
  • Basic agendas will be created and shared for the workshops at least five days prior
  • The City Director of Finance, Communication & Strategic Services will run the workshops with department-specific staff members presenting
  • Minutes from the workshops will not be recorded
  • Should an Ambassador be unable to attend one of the monthly workshops, staff must be notified as far in advance as possible. Summaries of the workshop may be sent to absent Ambassadors after the fact.
  • To supplement the Workshops, City staff will also send weekly emails with project updates and communication tidbits