Woods Building
The Woods Building is nestled in Woods Park in Oakmont and hosts karate classes.  It is equipped with tables, chairs, a mirrored wall, sound system, and restroom.  It is available for rent for birthday parties, baby/wedding showers, small meetings, holiday parties, and more.  

1128 Postwood Drive
Corinth, TX 76210
 Hours vary
  depending on the
   classes being offered 

  Facility Rentals

The Woods Building, Woods Park Pavilion, Corinth Community Park Pavilion, and Athletic Fields are available for the public to rent when not in use for recreation activities.  Please contact the Recreation Division for availability. Please note that the athletic fields are closed during June, July, December, and January.  

Woods Building $50 deposit $25/hr, 2 hr min.
Woods Park Pavilion $50 deposit $25 for 6 hours
Corinth Community Park Pavilion
 $50 deposit $25 for 6 hours
Baseball & Softball Fields $20/hr unlit $50/hr w/lights
Football & Soccer Fields, Whole $20/hr unlit $50/hr w/lights
Football & Soccer Fields, Half $10/hr unlit $25/hr w/lights
Multi-Purpose Fields /quadrant

 $10/hr unlit