West Nile Test Results

The City of Corinth samples for West Nile virus on a weekly basis at four testing sites from May to September.  Mosquitoes are captured over Monday night and we have the test results by the end of day on Tuesday. The four testing sites are: 

  1. The Woods Park
  2. Meadowview Pond
  3. Community Park (drainage area between football and Corinth Parkway)
  4. Thousand Oaks Pond
Click here to view a map of the testing sites.

Should the lab produce a  positive test result, signs will be placed at the location where the positive mosquito was captured to notify residents of the risk.  If a location tests positive for West Nile two consecutive weeks, the results will be taken before City Council for authorization to fog the area for mosquito control.  In the event Council approves fogging, it will be posted on the website and a notification will be sent out through Notify Me.  
Date Tested # of Tested Positive Results Negative Results Link to View
4/11/2019 4 0 4 4/11