MyCorinth Budget Transparency

In our continued commitment to Transparency we have developed the MyCorinth Budget Transparency Portal.  

We believe it is important to 1) provide complete transparency in our budget process 2) educate our citizens on the value of the programs and services they receive for their tax dollars  and 3) determine the level of services that our community deserves and expects.

Our goal is to make continuous improvements to our community and create value for our residents.  However, communities are dynamic environments, so measuring the success of a community can be a moving target.  We need your help in developing and implementing Our Community Vision!

Please view the MyCorinth Annual Report to learn about the services being provided by your city staff and the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan to review the goals established by your city leaders.
Then go on-line and share Your Vision or ask questions about our budget! 

Don't forget to check back often, for the latest information regarding your city's FY 2016-2017 Budget!
  1. MyCorinth Annual Report

    MyCorinth Annual Report

    Coming Soon! Did you know that the average homeowner pays $3.23 per day for city services?. Learn about the services provided, capital improvements, financials and City-wide accomplishments.

  2. Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan

    The five-year Strategic Plan was developed in 2014 and is updated annually. Learn about service areas identified in the long-term strategic Plan.

  3. FY 2016-17 Budget Process

    FY 2016-17 Budget Process

    Stay current on the FY 2016-17 budget process by viewing budget presentations, truth-in-taxation notices, listing of city vehicles and equipment and much more..

  4. Open Budget Portal

    Open Budget Portal

    This portal will provide a guided view through our budget and provides a transparent look at how the city allocates public funds.

  5. Share Your Vision

    Share Your Vision

    Have questions about our budget? Are there projects or services that you would like the City to implement? Submit your ideas or questions today!

  FY2016-2017 Budget Calendar          
June 9 Council Budget Workshop
July 31 FY 2016-2017 Proposed Budget available on-line.
Aug 2 Council Workshop to review the proposed budget
Aug 4 Council Vote on published tax rate and public hearing dates.
Aug 18         First Public Hearing on Tax Rate & Council Budget Workshop
Sept 1 Second Public Hearing on Tax Rate & Public Hearing on Budget
Sept 8 Council Budget Workshop
Sept 15 Adopt Budget and Tax Rate