Animal Control

Animal Control Calls
Any Animal Control call received during non-business hours will be answered by the Denton County Sheriff's Department and dispatched to a Corinth Police Officer.  During non-business hours and holidays, Animal Control Officers will be called out to emergencies and animal bites only.  If you are the victim of or need to report an animal bite and it is an emergency, please dial 911.

Denton Animal Shelter
Animals picked up by Corinth Animal Control are housed at the City of Denton Animal Shelter. City Ordinance requires that dogs and cats be registered with the city. License applications maybe be obtained at the Corinth Police Department. Registration fees are $10 per animal.

Live Animal Traps
Live animal traps are available from Animal Control.  There is no cost to use a trap, however there is a $50 deposit per trap. Please call to check availability.