Social Media

The City of Corinth is committed to enhancing its communication efforts and has adopted social media as an additional avenue to update the public on events, programs, services as well as other City supported event.

Please be aware that we will attempt to respond to questions posted on the City of Corinth Facebook page in a timely manner.  

Please do not use Facebook or Twitter in lieu of 911 in case of emergency.

  1. City of Corinth Twitter

    City of Corinth Twitter

    Follow us on Twitter to receive information and updates in the community.

  2. Fire Fan Page

    Fire Fan Page

    Stay connected! Join our Fan Page and learn about our Fire Department!

  3. Police Fan Page

    Police Fan Page

    Learn about the Corinth Police Department and stay informed about what is happening in your community.

  4. Police Twitter

    Police Twitter

    Follow us on Twitter and receive news Tweets from our men and women in uniform.

  5. Recreation Fan Page

    Recreation Fan Page

    Visit the Corinth Recreation Facebook Page and see what classes and program are being offered in your community.