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Project Updates
Completion Date
Mid 2017

The project is a 30 mile, $1.4 billion Design Build Project expansion of the IH 35-E corridor from US 380 to IH 635 running through 9 cities.  AGL Constructors are currently working to reconstruct the Corinth Parkway Bridge, the Main lanes approaching the bridge and the intersections of the service roads and Corinth Parkway.  The North and Southbound IH 35E mainlanes south of Mayhill Raod will shift onto the new pavement in the median of the interstate in August.  The beams for the east side of the new Post Oak Drive bridge are scheduled to be placed in mid-August and connectivity across the span - ONE LANE IN EACH DIRECTION - will be restored by October. Northbound IH 35E exit ramp #459, north of Swisher Road, will shift approximately 1,500 feet north in mid-August. A new Northbound exit ramp will be constructed north of Swisher Road and open this fall.  With the closure of the South Denton/Lake Dallas Drive Bridge, work has begun on the new IH 35E bridge over Oak Drive.  North and Southbound I-35E traffic will shift onto the west side of the new bridge over Oak Drive in September.  North and Southbound IH 35E mainlane traffic is scheduled to be relocated onto the new Lewisville Lake Bridge in early September. 

TxDOT IH35 AGL City Utility Relocations Mid 2016 
Relocation of city utilities in conjunction with the expansion of IH 35-E; Crews are working along the service road between Corinth Parkway and Post Oak Drive. Crews are working along the IH 35E Service Road. The air release valves have not been installed due to a delay in delivery of the meter vaults.  Relocation of the 6" Sanitary Sewer line at Corinth Parkway has been delayed due to conflicts with existing franchise utility lines in the right-of-way.  The abandoned water lines were grout filled on Wednesday, July 27th. On August 3, 2016 the tie in to the 12" water line at Lynchburg Creek and the Northbound Service Road blew out due to construction of the retaining wall being too close in proximity to the tie in.  It was repaired on August 4th. 
TxDOT FM 2181 Spring 2016
Abrams Contractors is constructing a 6 lane divided road from IH 35E to the western City Limits of Corinth. The contractor is completing the final punch list items. City crews have completed all remaining general utility relocations for the project.  TXDOT crew installed sidewalk along the Ashwood Lane in the Northwood Subdivision and replaced portions of the screening wall last week.  This week TXDOT crews placed sod around the new sidewalk on Ashwood Lane. The contractor replaced missing pavement markings damaged during construction.  
TxDOT is constructing a 6 lane divided road between FM 2181 and IH35. Webber is working on the northern retaining walls and the MSC walls. Crews are working on hot mix and subgrade for the roadway. Piers have been ordered for the bridge to be built just north of Pottery Trail and the change order for bridge construction has been approved.  Webber is working on the construction schedule to be implemented as soon as the piers are delivered.  The piers will be staged on the road bed that was previously known as Barrell Strap Road. 
Shady Rest Lane Mid December 2015
Quality Excavation is constructing a collector road between Fritz Lane and Corinth Parkway. Fannin Tree Farms replaced two dead trees, one at 1413 and one at 1403, Shady Rest Lane on June 3, 2016 and planted one missing Pecan tree at 1409 Shady Rest Lane on June 3, 2016. Staff is in the process of sending letters of notification to the home owners regarding the warranty provided by Fannin Tree Farms for the trees. Staff will file the Letters of Agreement for the tree installation at the County Court House now that the installation has been completed. 
Lake Sharon Drive Extension TBD
The road is proposed to be extended from Oakmont Drive to FM 2499 as a 4 lane divided collector street with an 84' right-of-way. The project has a length of approximately 3,100 feet and will include right-of-way acquisition, paving, drainage, water line improvements and lighting construction along with signage and pavement markings. Staff is working to finalize the right-of-way acquisition and final design of the project.  The estimated start time for the project is early Spring of 2017. 
North Corinth Elevated Tank Painting End of 2016
Repaint and refurbish the elevated storage tank on North Corinth Street. Work will include interior and exterior sandblasting and repainting along with some minor structural modifications. The replacement door for the water tower was installed August 23rd.  Rick Thorn, with A&M, shall submit a release from Charter Communications for the damage claim they made during the rehab project.  A final walk through must be completed with all punch list items cleared and the release letter from Charter received by the City prior to final acceptance. 
  1. Frame-01-03-2016-07-45-16

    New Elevated Tank and Water Lines

    A new 1.0 million gallon elevated water tank will be constructed south of Corinth Parkway and east of Quail Run. The tank and associated water lines are currently under design, and construction is expected to begin in summer 2019.
  2. UN_CONSTRUCTION_2_thumb.png

    Corinth Parkway Extension from Quail Run to I 35

    The design of the four lane divided roadway extension is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Construction is expected to begin in summer of 2019.
  3. IMG_0300

    Lake Sharon Extension, Oakmont to FM 2499

    This project will be delayed until November/December 2018. Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2019. Read on...
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