Vision / Mission / Core Values

Corinth will be known for its quality of life achieved by providing a safe community, preserving our neighborhoods, and recognizing the importance of quality development along our corridors.

To provide services that meet or exceed the needs of our community and enhance their quality of life.

                                                                                                                                                      Bill Heidemann, Mayor

Core Values

Integrity - We believe in honest and transparent government. We are dedicated to the highest ideals of integrity, fairness and openness in partnering with our citizens and employees.

Customer Focus - We believe in ensuring the timely, cost effective, professional, and courteous delivery of services and striving for continuous improvement.

Commitment to Excellence & Quality - We believe for an organization and city to be great it must be committed to excellence and quality regarding organizational development and quality community, residential & commercial development.

Teamwork - We believe in working together to accomplish common goals by actively seeking feedback from citizens and employees in order to identify and implement change. We also believe in maintaining on-going communication with City Council, Boards, and Commissions.

Leadership - We believe in visionary, inspiring, passionate, focused, decisive, courageous, & supportive leadership. We believe leaders have impeccable integrity, determination, trust, they collaborative effectively to create an environment where commitment to excellence can thrive.