Library Services

The City of Corinth and the Denton Public Library have partnered to provide library services to the residents of Corinth.  This partnership provides residents access to three Denton libraries: North Branch Library, South Branch Library and Emily Fowler Library.

Residents have access to many services including, but not limited to, an EBranch library allowing residents to download books, audio, music, video and magazines, materials and services for genealogy research, adult literacy instruction, summer reading programs, teen programs, tax assistance, study rooms, public fax, copiers, and book clubs. To learn more about the services provided please visit the Denton Public Library website.

Library Cards
Annual Library Cards can be obtained at any of the three Denton libraries.  Citizens of Corinth will pay $25 for an annual library card that normally costs out of city residents $50.   The remaining $25 is paid by the City of Corinth.  The library card will be for family use with one full size card and two key fobs for use between family members.  Residency will be established based on the home address of applicants based on information provided by the citizen with a photo I.D. or a current utility bill.  The address will be verified from the tax roll database through the online Denton County Appraisal District (CAD).

Youth Library Programs
The Denton Public Library provides four youth programs annually that highlight existing programs at a location in Corinth,  Check back often for time, location, and events.