Drivers Safety

Under certain circumstances, you have a right to take defensive driving class to keep a moving violation off your driver record. Your request may be made either in person or by mail by the date listed on your citation above your signature.

Following are the eligibility requirements for the Driver Safety Course:

•Not charged with speeding in excess of 24 mph

•Do not possess a commercial driver's license in ANY state

•Provide the court with BOTH a copy of your Texas Driver's License and Proof of Financial Responsibility (insurance) valid the day of your request

•Enclose a payment of $109.00 for court costs or $134.00 if the offense occurred within a school zone.

•You are not in the process of taking DSC under Sec. 543.103 of the Texas Transportation Code nor have you completed DSC which is not reflected on your driving record as maintained by the Texas DPS.

•You have not completed DSC for the dismissal of a traffic citation within the twelve (12) month period preceding the date of the alleged violation.

If you were charged with any of the following offenses, you DO NOT qualify for dismissal of your citation by way of a Driver Safety Course.

•Sec. 545.066 Passing a school bus

•Sec. 545.421 Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer

•Sec. 550.022 Accident involving damage to vehicle

•Sec. 550.023 Duty to give information and render aid

Should you qualify and meet all of the requirements for Drivers Safety, your request must be postmarked on or before your initial appearance date, as stated on your citation.