FM 2181 in Corinth is currently a 2 lane state highway. The final stages of planning and preparation for construction of a 6 lane divided highway that will run east and west from IH-35E to Corinth city limits is underway. The city is currently designing utility relocation of its water and sewer lines while awaiting completion of right-of-way acquisition by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT). This project will significantly improve mobility for our residents through the more commercialized area of the city. Additional information can be obtained by accessing the Transportation Task Force information online.

Department of Transportation
The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) is in the final stages of planning Section 5 of FM 2499 for construction. This state highway is designed as a six lane divided urban highway which will connect at the North end of State School Road and proceed south along the western border of Corinth (just west of Barrell Strap Lane). To the south, from FM 2181 to FM 407, highway FM 2499 exists as a new four lane divided highway and angles back east along Kensington Estates western border and across Lake Lewisville. When Section 5 construction is complete FM 2499 will serve to relieve traffic through large portions of the Corinth IH-35E corridor by providing an alternate north-south route including an additional bridge crossing over Lake Lewisville.

North Texas Tollway
North Texas Tollway Authority’s Lake Lewisville Toll Bridge is open for travel. It was designed to accommodate approximately 25,000 cars daily. Connecting Little Elm to Lake Dallas by bridge gives motorists an alternate route to and from the North Dallas and Frisco area. It provides relief for the congestion along IH-35E. The access point to the bridge is the Swisher (FM 2181) interchange in Corinth.

Widening IH-35E
The State of Texas is currently working on funding mechanisms for widening IH-35E through our community. Concurrently the schematics and environmental studies continue to progress through the system. Schematics and environmental documents are available online. You can access the Transportation Taskforce updates for this project online.

Investing in the Future
The City of Corinth has invested heavily in its future. Within the last few years sizeable infrastructure projects have been constructed for utilities and roadways. Upsizing of water and sewer lines has taken place and several roadways have been improved to 4 lane divided highways and 3 lane collector streets to enhance mobility for current and future use. These projects have improved both traffic and pedestrian safety and opened up areas for commercial growth giving the city the ability to promote itself to attract development that will meet more than just the housing needs of our residents. These roadways also include landscaping, street lighting and stamped concrete intersections in some areas.