Going For a Walk

You may leave home for a short time to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood. If you have an established watch program in place, your block will be a much safer place for even a late night stroll. There are more things you can do to make sure you are safe while getting some exercise and fresh air near your home.

Walk with confidence and be extremely aware of your surroundings at all times. Pay attention to anything and anyone around you. Criminals do not want to be seen, especially before they make an attack, and they will be likely to leave you alone if they realize you have noticed them. This ruins the element of surprise that they rely on to catch their victims off guard.

Protect Yourself
While you are out, carry a cell phone with you so you can make an emergency call if you are in danger or come across someone who is in need of help. You may also want to bring a self defense weapon with you to use against a potential assailant. There are several options to consider. A personal alarm will activate a loud, shrill scream that will grab the attention of people all over your block. They will be alerted that there is danger nearby and dial 911. A predator will most often flee the second the ear splitting alarm is sounded. Stun devices are available for use up close or from a distance. They send a powerful shock straight into the central nervous system of an attacker that will completely impair them for several minutes.

Pepper Spray
Pepper spray or MACE is also a powerful device for your personal protection. They spray a shot of highly potent pepper that will sting their eyes and make breathing very difficult. All of these weapons are non lethal, produce no lasting effects and will give you the opportunity you need to get away unscathed.

Make your home and your neighborhood a safe and secure place to be. The police will help during emergency situations, but by following these tips you can help prevent crime from hurting you where you live.

Lock & Secure Doors
Burglars break into your home when they believe no one is around so they can take your most valuable possessions. They look for houses that appear to be easy to get inside, either through a window or a door. That makes it imperative for every person to make sure their doors are as secure as possible.