Fire inspections are conducted to limit the risk of life and property loss. Inspections identify unsafe conditions that can contribute to the occurrence and spread of fire. The fire department conducts inspections in all day care facilities, foster homes and nursing facilities, as they are required and licensed by the State of Texas. Additional inspections to commercial occupancies are performed to help the business owner prevent fires and reduce liability associated with fire and life safety issues. 

As a part of the inspection process, the Fire Department completes plan reviews for conformance to code requirements

Fire inspectors must review the following plans: Subsequent field inspections will be performed if applicable
  • Site / Civil
  • Building
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Sprinkler System / Standpipe System
  • Kitchen Hood Extinguishment Systems
  • Above and Underground Fuel Tank Systems
  • LPG Systems
  • Any unique fire system for special purpose or hazard
  • Underground Fire Lines