Construction Permits & Plans Review

Currently the City of Corinth is under the 2015 addition of the International Fire Code with local amendments. Please review the Local Fire Amendments for specifics requirements.

The Fire Department conducts plan reviews and field inspections for commercial construction in Corinth, Lake Dallas, Hickory Creek, and Shady Shores.  Permits include but are not limited to fire alarm, sprinkler, fire suppression, access control, underground fire lines, fuel tanks, as well as, site plan review.  Please submit 3 copies of the plans and 2 will be given back after the review.  All fees will have to be paid before plans will be released for work.

Currently the fee schedule is under review. However, fees are still collected for the following permits and reviews: fire alarm, sprinkler, tents, fuel tanks, fireworks displays and remodels.  

If you have questions about Construction Permits or Plans Review, please contact Chad Thiessen, Assistant Fire Chief.

For more information review the Permit Application. To apply for a permit, please print the form and return to Fire Administration.