Welcome Packet

  1. Animal Control

    Animal Control

    Corinth Animal Control is committed to improving the health and safety of animals within our community.

  2. Contact Information

    Contact Information

    Find contact information for the City of Corinth resources.

  3. Education


    There are many education opportunities locate in and around Corinth.

  4. Fire and Ambulance Services

    Fire and Ambulance Services

    The Fire Department strives to provide the highest level of professional service to its residents.

  5. Health Care Services

    Health Care Services

    Corinth offers a variety of health care options to its residents with several nearby facilities.

  6. Internet Service Providers

    Internet Service Providers

    The Who, What, Where, and Why of Internet Service Providers in the City of Corinth.

  7. Library Services

    Library Services

    The City of Corinth and the Denton Public Library have partnered to provide library services to the residents of Corinth.

  8. Police Services

    Police Services

    Read through a quick summary of police services available in your neighborhood or look up contact information for the Corinth Police Department.

  1. Postal Service

    Postal Service

    Read about postal services available in Corinth.

  2. Profile of Corinth

    Profile of Corinth

    Learn about the development of this great city and find out what the future may have in store.

  3. Recreation


    Enjoy the great outdoors with one of many recreation opportunities available in Corinth.

  4. Residential Information

    Residential Information

    Look up information for homeowners in your community.

  5. Roadways


    Corinth's road system provides you with a variety of ways to commute.

  6. Utilities


    Find information on water, sewer, solid waste, recycling and other utilities Corinth offers.

  7. Volunteer


    Volunteer your time to improve your city by joining one of Corinth's boards or commissions.

  8. Register Your Pet

    Register Your Pet

    Dogs and cats over the age of 3 months must be registered with the city.