Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division is commanded by a Lieutenant and consists of the Patrol Unit, Traffic Unit and K-9 Unit.  These are the men and women you see out in the public every day.  They perform the daily tasks associated with crime prevention and preliminary investigation, traffic enforcement, and call response.

The Patrol Section of the Field Operations Division operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Generally, these are the men and women you see conducting police business on the streets and in the neighborhoods of Corinth on a daily basis. 

The Patrol Section is commanded by a Lieutenant with each of the four shifts being supervised by Sergeants and Corporals. Officers assigned to Patrol work 12-hour shifts with weekly, rotating days off.
The Patrol Section is responsible for responding to all types of calls for service, conducting initial criminal investigations, accident investigations, routine preventive patrol and traffic enforcement. The Corinth Police Department also provides police service to the town of Shady Shores. These services include the same services provided to the City of Corinth.
Patrol Officers receive some form of training daily. Officers may cover legal updates, discuss new trends in criminal activity being discovered across the state or country, officer safety topics, training videos or review Department General Orders just to name a few. This ensures that the officers you come in contact with are the best we can provide.
Dispatch and jail services are provided by the Denton County Sheriff’s Department. 

The Corinth Police Department Traffic Unit is comprised of 2 motorcycle officers whose primary duties are enforcement of state traffic laws and city ordinances. The officers currently ride Harley-Davidson Electra Glides that are outfitted with the latest in police technology. 

The Traffic Unit is under the direct supervision of the Field Operations Commander.  Occasionally, the Traffic Unit will participate in special events such as parades, community events and high profile events. 

Although these officers do not typically respond to “patrol type” calls, they can and may respond to any call for service if needed. 

The overall goal of the Traffic Unit, through enforcement and education of state traffic laws is to encourage safe driving and commuting for all who live, work and travel through the City of Corinth.