Alarm Permits
All intrusion or robbery alarms, either silent or audible, must be registered with the city.  The person in control of the premise to be alarmed must make application to the Police Department within three business days of the activation of the alarm system. The person to whom a permit is issued is responsible for the compliance with all the provisions of the alarm ordinance.  

Residential Alarm permits are $25 and Business Alarm permits are $50.  Permits will expire the last day of the month one year from issuance.

The permit decal is to be placed on the front door, if the door can be seen through, or on a window next to the main entrance to the building or residence.

Note: Code of Ordinance #90.07 - There shall be no fee for the response to three (3) false alarms at an alarm site within a twelve (12) month period. There shall be a fee for all false alarms in excess of three within a 12-month period as set forth in the City Master Fee Ordinance. The permit holder or the person responsible for operating the alarm without an alarm permit shall have fifteen (15) days to remit payment or appeal the charge to the Chief of Police. After proper notification, failure to pay such fee shall result in revocation of an alarm permit, or filing a complaint in the Municipal Court for violations of the alarm ordinance. False alarms caused by natural catastrophes shall not be considered as false alarms.

Alarm Permit Application-Residence

Alarm Permit Application-Business