How to File a Complaint

Police Employee Complaint Procedure

The Corinth Police Department is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its employees and citizens through a problem solving approach and commitment to excellence in the delivery of police services. Police employees are carefully selected, held to the highest standards and provided with the best training available.

When You Feel You Need To File A Complaint

Unfortunately, not every contact with our officers and employees, as with other organizations, is always totally satisfactory, and a complaint may need to be made. Upon receipt of a complaint, a written complaint is required; an internal investigation may then being initiated. The purpose of the internal investigation is the pursuit of truth. We are committed to that objective, recognizing that our agency’s credibility depends on the community’s belief that we can police ourselves. With that in mind, we provide the following information regarding how you can file a complaint, how a complaint is investigated, and how it is disposed of.

How To File A Complaint

First, there are basically two types of complaints-verbal and written. Verbal complaints are usually more minor in nature or the complainant does not desire to have the officer disciplined, but rather talked to about how they felt about their interaction. Written complaints are more formalized and usually involve a more serious complaint.

A person desiring to file a compliant against a police department employee can contact a supervisory member of the Corinth Police Department. That member will provide an affidavit of fact, if necessary. You will be required to return the affidavit to the police department in person and sign the form in the presence of a Notary. You may be required to supply investigators with additional information. You may contact a supervisor who is certainly capable of responding to minor complaints and, if you wish, will do their best to resolve any misunderstanding without filing an official complaint.

You may talk to the Office of Internal Affairs directly, if you wish, by calling the Corinth Police Department during normal business hours. Once Internal Affairs receives the complaint, the complaint will be classified, and the investigation begins. You will be informed as to the outcome of the investigation in writing.

The Process

  1. Once a complaint is received, the officer/employee is notified in writing; and
  2. Provided a copy of the complaint; and
  3. Required to provide a written response to the allegations, stating all facts and circumstances of the contact; and
  4. Required to take a polygraph examination, if the case warrants, only after complainant has been requested and taken a polygraph examination.


During the course of the investigation, you may be requested to submit to a polygraph. Your submission to the polygraph is totally voluntary; however an officer cannot be required to take a polygraph unless the complainant does so.

Substantiated Complaints

When the investigation reveals that the charges are true and depending on the severity of the infraction, the department may take any of the following actions against the involved employee:

Non-Disciplinary Actions

  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Training
  • Written Warning

Disciplinary Actions

  • Written Reprimand
  • Suspension
  • Demotion
  • Termination

Complaint Not Sustained

If there is not sufficient evidence to support the allegation or it is proved the officer or employee was acting within the established and accepted policies and/or procedures of the department, the investigation will be closed and no further action taken.