Household Hazardous Waste

General Information
If you have Household Hazardous Waste items and need to dispose of them at various times during the year, please contact Community Waste Disposal (CWD) Customer Service Center at 972-392-9300 and they will guide you through the steps for a safe and successful collection. 

In an effort to better meet the needs of our residents the City negotiated a door-to-door collection program for household hazardous waste services with our new solid waste disposal company, CWD.    

The new program makes disposal of household hazardous waste and consumer electronics much more convenient for residents. CWD is allowed to accept most household chemicals, hazardous waste materials and electronic items, but not all.

Call 972-392-9300 for information on Household Hazardous Waste Disposal.

Examples:  Acceptable HHW Materials
  • Aerosols containing flammable or hazardous material
  • Art / Hobby Supplies: adhesives, paint, cleaners, correction fluid, photography chemicals
  • Automotive Products: Cleaners, lubricants, solvents, fuel, brake fluid, antifreeze, fuel additives, used motor oil and used oil filters
  • Batteries, lubricants, fluorescent tubes / bulbs, lamps, thermostats and thermometers
  • Paint. Nail polish, shoe polish and spot remover
  • Poison: herbicides, insecticides bait and fertilizers
  • Consumer electronics: Computer monitors, televisions, printers, mouse, keyboards, laptops, CPU's, and handheld computers
DSC_0313_thumb_thumb.JPGExamples: Unacceptable HHW Materials
  • Ammunition
  • Medicine
  • Explosives
  • Asbestos 
  • Any materials in unlabeled or leaking containers 
If you have questions about unacceptable items, proper disposal methods, commercial chemicals or hazardous materials in containers larger than 5 gallon size, please call CWD's Customer Service Center at 972-392-9300.

Be Safe Not Sorry
Always make the call to confirm the process of proper disposal; someone's life may depend on it!!!!