Ethics Commission

The City of Corinth adopted a Code of Ethics policy requiring that public officials and employees be independent, impartial, and responsible while representing the City in any capacity for which he/she was appointed or elected. The City of Corinth Ethics Commission will be accountable to the Mayor and City Council.  The City Council shall have primary responsibility for the enforcement of this code. 

Number of Members:

 5 board members

Term of Office:  

2 year term with no term limits

Established: Ordinance No.


Appointed By:

 Candidates for the advisory board will be named by the Mayor and will be approved by majority vote of the City Council.


Meetings are scheduled on an "as-needed" basis






  • Members of the advisory board may not hold an elected municipal office within the City of Corinth and may not serve on any other advisory board or commission within the City of Corinth.

City Staff Contact: 

Kim Pence


Board Position
Board Member
Term Expiration
1 Board Member Tom Winterburn September 30, 2019
2 Board Member Vacant September 30, 2019
3 Board Member Vacant September 30, 2019
4 Board Member Lee Ann Heath September 30, 2020
5 Board Member Joan Mazza September 30, 2020