Court Room Etiquette

Quiet Please
During an open court session, each individual is given an opportunity to listen to the Judge’s instructions about his or her case. Talking and other disruptive noises interfere with that interaction. Please refrain from noisy or disruptive behavior and be respectful of all court proceedings. This includes frequent entering and exiting of the courtroom.

No Audible Devices
Please turn off all cellular phones and pagers upon entering the courtroom.
No computers, games, recording devices, or other disruptive electronic devices are allowed in the courtroom.

Food And Drinks Are Not Allowed
Food, snacks and drinks are prohibited.
You will be asked to exit the courtroom if you are in possession of any of these items.

Court Room Dress Code
You are required to dress in a manner that demonstrates respect of the judiciary.
It is improper to wear shorts, mini skirts, flip flops, torso revealing garments, or hats.
Clothing with offensive slogans, pictures or gestures is prohibited. 

Please Make Sure You Are Scheduled To Appear In Court
The Corinth Municipal Court Docket is posted here