3101 S. Garrison
Corinth, TX

This building was originally built in the late 1980s by volunteer members. Its use as a fire station ended in January 2004. This building was remodeled into an administration building by members of the fire department during 2003. This facility currently houses the Fire Chief, Deputy Chiefs, Emergency Management Coordinator, and Secretary.
Fire Station One
275 Main Street
Lake Dallas, TX

The original fire station was built in the 1960s by volunteer members. That fire station was torn down and replaced by the current building in 2001. Engine 591 and Medic 591 operate out of this fire station.

Firehouse 1
Fire Station Two
2700 W. Shady Shores
Corinth, TX

This facility was opened in 2003. Engine 592 and Medic 592 operate out of this fire station. This building also houses Rescue 592, Brush 592, Utility 592, and the reserve engine.

Firehouse 2