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Mayor and Council
Mission Statement and Goals

The City Government of Corinth exists only to serve its citizens. To that end the City will limit itself to providing, maintaining, and upgrading basic services consistent with a family-oriented community. These things will be accomplished through openness and prudent use of revenues. Every action taken by the Council or City employees on behalf of the citizens will be an example of impeccable personal integrity. It is incumbent upon the Council to establish policy that will guide the City forward and protect and serve our citizens efficiently and effectively. As a result of our efforts, citizens can expect to:

  • Have access to and input on policy and other matters involving Council decisions.
  • Live in well-planned neighborhoods suited to community interest and lifestyle.
  • Have parks and recreation facilities to enjoy.
  • Live in a safe environment provided by excellent police, fire, and emergency services.
  • Be provided with efficient infrastructure that meets the demands of our citizens.
  • Have municipal complexes that citizens can be proud of that are well maintained and operated efficiently.
  • Have municipal complexes that treat all people with respect, dignity and will work efficiently and effectively to accomplish the goals as set forth by the City of Corinth.
  • Have a Council and City staff that will pursue a sound economic policy (policies).
  • Have a Council and City staff that is efficient in planning and executing the annual budget.

19th day of July, 2001

Amended June 1, 2007