Economic Development

The Corinth Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) works to attract new and expanding business to the City of Corinth. The CEDC is supported by economic development sales taxes. The CEDC assists with infrastructure development, job creation, and fast-track services to new and expanding business.

Primary Objective
The Corinth Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is the economic development arm of the City of Corinth. The CEDC was established to assist in new business attraction and development for the city. The primary objective for the CEDC is the expansion of tax base to support community development. Through the attraction of new retail, commercial, restaurant, and other sales tax generating venues. The local tax base can be expanded to support additional community development activity such as quality community parks and recreation, improved roadways, and other quality of life amenities. The CEDC also works to attract job creating office and commercial developments that help grow the property tax base supporting municipal operations.

Board of Directors
Texas state law has authorized Texas communities to approve the use of up to 1/2 cent of sales tax on retail sales to fund economic development attraction efforts. By local option election, Corinth has established the CEDC, a type B economic development corporation, to attract new business and support community development projects. The CEDC Board of Directors is an independent board of the City of Corinth with its 7-member board appointed by the Corinth City Council for 2-year terms.

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